Lisa Loza - Backing Vocals

As one half of FM's talented Background singers, Lisa brings her game to the Stage every time!
Lisa Loza began performing solos in church at the age of four, and continued as a member of the church choir into her teens. She carried her love of music over to high school as part of an award-winning Show Choir. As a result of her ongoing dedication to music, her voice can now be heard on the radio and TV jingles for businesses across the country.

Starting in her 20’s, Lisa was the lead singer in several Indiana based music groups, where she continued to develop her skills.
Over the course of a decade, Lisa traveled all over the tri-state area performing for anything from small private events to large sold out arenas.

Lisa continues to cultivate her craft as an entertainer and promoter. She has sung the National Anthem for regional ceremonies, and is called upon regularly to sing as a soloist for local area events. In addition to her ongoing dedication to her own development, Lisa has also found a need to give back to others. For this reason, she teaches voice lessons to several students, including her daughter Hadlee.